Investment services:
  1. Multi-branch design works.
  2. Comprehensive provision of general construction and finishing works.
  3. Comprehensive design of external works: facade, windows, roof, landscaping.
  4. Comprehensive provision of electrical installations of high and low voltage, including security systems and CCTV, BMS, SAP, DSO and IT5.
  5. Comprehensive providing of sanitary installations, air conditioning, ventilation and automation.
  6. Complex arrangements of office space (FIT - OUT).
  7. Technical support of systems and facilities management.
Security systems integration:

On the Polish security market we have the position of INTEGRATOR and MANAGEMENT OF BUILDINGS. Individual orders from our customers generate the following actions:

  1. System concept – collecting all input data from a system’s user, defining his needs and priorities, approval of tailored conception developed pursuant to functional programme of client’s organization.
  2. System design – translating client’s needs to optimal technology.
  3. Delivery and installation of all needed materials and equipments.
  4. System implementation and comissioning.
  5. Provision of training to client’s personel.
  6. System maintenance services.
We integrate following systems using SMS (Security Management Systems):
  1. IDBS (Intrusion Detection and Burglary Alarm System)
  2. ACS (Access Control System)
  3. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television System)
Using BMS (Building Management System) we integrate:
  1. FAS (Fire Alarm System)
  2. Fire Dumpers Control system
  3. EVAC (Voice Evacuation System)
  4. HVAC control – lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems
We have skills and experience to become a reliable partner for the investors to deliver the complete Low Voltage Package including SMS, BMS, IT and other specific LV systems.
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