• General Contractor - Turn-key investment execution
    • Office buildings
    • Retail outlets
    • Public buildings
    • Special buildings
  • Deputy Investor / Investor Replacement
  • Construction Management
  • Real Estate Management

Dyskret has extended its Low Voltage Integrator profile by entering complex construction development market. In the early 1990s, we started our commercial development activities in construction segment of Polish market.

DYSKRET POLSKA acts also as Contract Engineer and Deputy Investor / Substitutive Investor for the whole investment.

In January 2011, the A-class office building called VINCI BUSINESS CENTER (VBC), located at Opolska 100 Street in Krakow, was officially opened for tenants

This prestigious A-class building was developed to the highest technical standards. It stands 12 stories high and 2 stories below the ground level. The total surface is 28.000 square metres, the cubature is 102.000 m³. After starting this investment in March 2008, Dyskret performed as a substitutive investor and contract engineer for VINCI OFFICE CENTER” - www.centrumvinci.com.

Two managers of DYSKRET POLSKA, which manages Kraków’s Vinci Office Center: Anna Jakubowska (property manager) and Bogusław Staszkiewicz (technical director), were named the best office building managers of the year (Eurobuild Awards 2015).

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