Our activities include services in the public and commercial development markets. We have specialized in:
  • preparation and implementation of investment processes, including the Design & Build system
  • design and execution of turn-key office space fit-out projects
  • facility management
  • property management
  • multi-branch design works
  • execution and coordination of all installations: mechanical, sanitary,electrical, low-voltage security and building automation systems, as well as other special installations.

See: arrangement and finishing works

DYSKRET POLSKA has extended its Low Voltage Integrator profile by entering a complex construction development market. In the beginning of the 1990s, we started our commercial development activities in a construction segment of the Polish market. As a result, we developed apartment buildings in Kraków (Kuźnicy Kołłątajowskiej Str. and Pasternik Str.), with a total of 200 developed apartments.

Further developing this activity, our company prepared, from the very initial stage, the construction of an office building of 20,000 square meters of lease space in Krakow, at 100 Opolska Street, with all the required infrastructure. This investment was eventually named the VINCI OFFICE CENTERand was completed in 2010 as the then biggest A class office building in Krakow.

The prestigeous building has been developed to the highest technical standards. It stands 12 stories high and 2 stories below the ground level. The total surface is 28,000 m2, and the cubature is 102,000 m³. After starting this investment project in March 2008, DYSKRET POLSKA acted as a general contractor for VINCI OFFICE CENTER.

The Jury of the "Building of the Year 2010" Competition, organized by the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and The General Office of Building Control for the facility and processes of construction completed in 2010, awarded VINCI Office Centre the First Prize in the category of Public Buildings.

DYSKRET POLSKA duly executed the complete low voltage package, including security systems and building automation. The agreement for these works was concluded in February 2009. It has been investor’s requirement to achieve highest technical and quality standards in this building. Therefore, DYSKRET POLSKA was responsible for COMFORT AND SAFETY in VINCI OFFICE CENTER.

Within this contract DYSKRET POLSKA performed the following works:
  • acting as contract engineer and substitutive investor for the whole investment
  • designing, delivery, installation and commissioning of FAS
  • designing, delivery, installation and commissioning of EVAC system
  • designing, delivery, installation and commissioning of integrated security system (SMS) including IDBA and ACS system
  • delivery, mounting and comissioning of the complete parking systems including barriers, loop detectors, gates, etc.
  • design, delivery, installation and commissioning of structured cabling and telephone systems
  • designing, delivery, installation and comissioning of IP CCTV system
  • delivery and installation of cabling for a staircases pressurization system in the building - SAFETY WAY
  • design, delivery, installation and commissioning of windows streering system on floors 1-11.
  • design, delivery, installation and commissioning of a Master Key system in the building
  • design, delivery, installation and commissioning of CO and LPG detection systems
  • design, delivery, installation and commissioning of HVAC controls and BMS system
After finishing the VINCI building Dyskret has taken on the function of a facility manager and administrator. Thus, we are still responsible for COMFORT AND SAFETY in the building. These two aspects of our activity are becoming our landmark and speciality.

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